Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What You Want To Know? - PS3 Against the Xbox 360

Somebody would ask me if I want to make a review between PS3 and Xbox 360. So, here it is!

Once you are asked to compare between PS3 and Xbox 360, you are going to undergo a tough time deciding which is better since both of them are extremely popular. Even the game lovers get trouble to evaluate both of them too.

Sony's PlayStation 3 (PS3) is launched by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2006, a seventh invention video game console, followed by PlayStation 2. This game console provides functions like, online gaming, together with a high-definition optical disc format and Blu-ray Disc as storage medium. PS3 has upgraded and made gaming easier and interesting. Now, two models of PS3 - 120 GB Slim and 250 GB Slim - are accessible. In the contrary, Microsoft's Xbox 360 is launched by Microsoft in 2005, followed by Xbox. Functions like Xbox Live, online gaming, option of downloading games, TV shows, movies and game demos are offered. 39 million of Xbox 360 consoles were sold throughout the world. Xbox 360 is offered in two configurations - 'Arcade' and 'Elite'.

To settle on which is better, let's think about their super excellent features. The Cell engine (microprocessor chip) in PS3 is more competent than Xbox's triple-core Xenon CPU. It also depends on the graphic processing unit (GPU) to observe their operation to a great extent. Xbox 360 with Xenos GPU is greater than PS3 with RSX GPU. Besides that, Blu-ray Disc with a storing capacity about 54 gigs as the primary storage medium in PS3, in another hand, Microsoft Xbox 360 consists of double layer DVDs with a storing capacity of 9 gigs as storage medium. Both of them turn up with a hard disk drive to allow users to stock up more games on the console. It is very crucial to have more memory storage medium to store the online games and not a difficulty to download games.

In conclusion, Xbox 360 and PS3 have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hardcore gamers will prefer Xbox 360 and people will pleased with the PS3 if they are looking for entertainment device. It is very difficult to decide which is better, it depends on which can meet your requirement in price, functions and pattern as well.

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